Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are Looper for YouTube supporting?
Looper for YouTube extension currently support several languages, including, English, Chinese (Traditional), French, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Serbian, Turkish, Romanian and Indonesian.
I want to help to translate Looper for YouTube extension into my language. How can I help?
Please send an email to to get those relevant files for translations. Thanks for your interest.
Auto quality (Auto HD) changes does not occur right after video started.
YouTube has changed their way to implement change of video quality, quality will change automatically after small pieces of video clip loaded and played.
Looper for YouTube extension is installed, however the loop button is not showing up. What is the problem?
This usually occurs when you have other youtube extensions installed OR YouTube has some experiemental styling tweaks that breaks this extension.
Please check follow questions before sending report to us.
  1. Do you install any other YouTube extensions?
  2. Does this extension work in Incognito window?
    (Note. You need to check the option in chrome://extensions/?id=iggpfpnahkgpnindfkdncknoldgnccdg )
Please don't. Leaving bad reviews and rate 1 star does not solve the problem and we are willing to know what issue you encountered. Send us report via chrome web store support page or send us an email with answers for below questions.
  1. Chrome version and OS you are in.
  2. Extension version you installed.
  3. Any other YouTube extensions installed?
  4. Does this extension work in Incognito window?
    (Note. You need to check the option in chrome://extensions/?id=iggpfpnahkgpnindfkdncknoldgnccdg )
  5. Is this problem occurs on some videos or all? Any examples you can provide?
  6. Is the "Loop" button showing up?
What is YouTube Visitor ID Cookies (VISTOR_INFO1_LIVE)?
Cookies (VISTOR_INFO1_LIVE) is the way YouTube used to give you experiemental changes, these changes may break the extension from working.
How to check my YouTube Visitor ID Cookies (VISTOR_INFO1_LIVE)?
Go to "chrome://settings/cookies" and search "" for "VISTOR_INFO1_LIVE", the "Content" is the Vistor ID. VISTOR_INFO1_LIVE
How can I leave those YouTube experiment you mentioned, in order to check whether the experiement is affecting this extension or not?
You can either clear all your cookies or remove the specific cookies (VISTOR_INFO1_LIVE) mentioned above.
I am interested in the code written, any source code available in public, such as github?
Currently, I have no plan to put source codes on github or other similar platform, however there are alway ways to check source code of extensions that installed on your Chrome, Google it.
Our company has monetization opportunity for you. Let us know if this is something that you might be interested in.
No, Thank you. If you are trying to send me email and ask to insert ugly lower performance horrible ads to this extension, sorry I would not respond to those questions.